Music Merchandise

for Independent Artists, Labels & Publishers


FKACO is established as a fulfillment company for music merchandise, physical marketing, and promotion programs. Focusing on a on-demand, limited edition and low overhead model. 

NON-EXCLUSIVE artists under agreement with FKACO are free to produce and distribute other titles ( not under our fulfillment agreement ) with other labels or distributors.

  • If such items do not interfere with FKACO submitted items in title and audio fingerprint, you may sell or exploit physical and digital copies at venues, record stores and other online distributors as a vendor (publisher or label). 

  • Additional units must be purchased from FKACO by the vendor, label or publisher for the intended use.

Additional artist or label units needed for promo mailings, in-store or self distribution must be purchased 100% by the label or artist. Units must be purchased through our online custom solution. This includes limited edition CDs and vinyl. All profit from sales goes to the purchaser, artist, label etc.

-All manufacturing charges for additional label or artist units are due prior to printing.
-All services (promoter, publicist, radio, and or manufacturing) are the responsibility of the artist, label or company contracted.


FKACO uses a simple royalty rate for all items sold online.


In fairness, all or partial fees can be advanced or discounted at administration's discretion. Give the artist, label or publisher sufficient time to earn a return.


Royalties: from sold units on FKACO including Digital and Physical sales, will be calculated monthly to quarterly.

Payments may be remitted in digital currency or check based on actual digital, CD or vinyl (As contracted). The payment address on file will be used to mail all payments. Any stop check fees will be charged to the label, company or artist on the next quarterly statement.

Copyright (Disclaimer).


All albums should be copywritten for network usage, digital and physical. This includes logging and splitting of credits before post production to the label and or artist or company before proceeding to manufacturing. This is solely the responsibility of the artist, label or publisher. FKACO does not audit vendors.

Any sound-alike notices or takedowns for label releases are the responsibility of the contracted label, artist or publisher. FKACO will give the benefit of the doubt to the vendor and allow a reasonable period to resolve the issue before takedown from the site.

Creative Control (disclaimer).

Artist, label or publisher maintains 100% publishing and rights to all records during and at the conclusion of any distribution agreement.

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