Selling with FKACO

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Artists, Labels and Publishers interested in having us fulfill their music globally can submit music in 4 ways.

  1. Send us a link to your release on Bandcamp or another online retailer.
  2. Submit a demo by uploading it to Audio Documents (Audocs) After completing the upload and metadata, copy the provided link from your browser and send it to
  3. You can also attach an MP3 file or a Zip file to
  4. Open a FKACO chat and attach your file. Transfers are limited to 50MB per file. Make sure to provide all contact details.

Make sure to include your catalog, price list, samples, and press clippings. Please include your phone number, address, and email address.

Digital distribution

FKACO no longer holds contracts with DSPs or online retailers. Artists, labels and publishers handle their own digital contracts and distribution. We only sell MP3 zip files bundled with each physical release. This allows artists to keep 100% of the proceeds from their digital sales. We provide a platform for artists to reach a larger audience and sell their music in a more accessible way. We believe that this is the best way to support independent music.

For marketing and distributing digital music. FKACO will provide limited support to suppliers to navigate the digital distribution landscape. FKACO may provide resources to help suppliers better understand digital distribution strategies.

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