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Custom Merchandise

Custom merchandise meets specific preferences or branding. It includes clothing, accessories, and printed materials.

As an on-demand service, FKACO only produces and ships products when ordered. This cuts inventory needs, waste, and makes offerings more flexible.


Musicians can create T-shirts, hoodies, hats, posters, and album cover wall art. Authors can offer their paperback or hardcover books. And fine artists can sell their prints. 

FKACO handles order fulfillment, printing, packaging, and direct shipping to customers.

We don't have minimum orders, allowing for single or bulk orders.


Authors can also make book-themed merchandise, such as apparel, bags, and notebooks. These items can show book covers or quotes. You can sell these items on your own website, social media, or platforms like Etsy or Amazon.

FKACO customizes fine art prints, posters, canvas, and framed prints. We ship fine art, AI-generated, personal art or digital designs.

Our on-demand services print and prepare these items for shipping.

On-demand services offer flexibility, reduce costs, and speed up deliveries. They allow for testing new designs without buying in large quantities.

Getting started

To get started, contact us.

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Custom Merch
Custom Merch
Exclusive merch
Exclusive merch

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