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The Principal

Fulfillment for Independent Brands

Working with FKACO as your on-demand merchandise partner takes the heavy lifting off. It also lets our 12 plus years of experience go to work.

Who backs FKACO?

Williams Robinson is a SESAC composer, creative and an author. He launched the service, uses it, and runs it.

I've been shipping internationally since 1997. This includes all forms of transportation and unit size. He adds, "We've got accurate order processing. Ensuring on-time delivery." 

FKACO uses the latest technology and systems. We use them in manufacturing, shipping, and authentication. Our tools ensure accuracy, speed, and flexibility. We also strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.

FKACO has over 25 years' experience in independent media. We've got the know-how for bulk or one-off deliveries. From the manufacturer, to the distributor, retailer, or fan.


I founded Audio Documents ("Audocs") in 2008. It helps small businesses and artists with music placement. I also needed to create, package, and deliver media for retail and digital formats. Finally, I focused on getting the product into stores. With these steps, I launched FKACO in 2012.

I merged my personal workflow into FKACO by 2015, unleashing 35 albums. In under two years, I supplied retail giants worldwide. They included WalMart, Target, Best Buy, FYE, Sears, and Barnes & Nobles. I also reached HMV, Buy CD Now in Canada, Juno Records in the UK, WOW in Australia, and Redeye in Australia. Other retailers included Arukereso in Budapest and Mondadori in Italy. Also, iMusic and JPC in Germany.

For over 25 years I've been a pivotal force in the Independent Music community. I am an Artist, Producer, and Project Manager. I know many parts of music production. These include product placement, packaging, PR, and global music marketing. This includes online and traditional methods. It covers sales through product delivery, as well as reporting and billing. 

I inserted commercial content into major corporations, including MTV and VH1. My clients also included ESPN, ESPN2, SPIKE, and DISNEY CHANNEL. USA, TNT, E!, COMEDY CENTRAL, and TBS are also among them.

William Hasan Robinson

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