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Most units ship from the United States. Delivery time from when you get your shipping confirmation email is usually 1-4 weeks. But, may take longer due to current shipping conditions.

Orders during major holidays or from remote locations may take longer to ship. We ask that you allow one to two more weeks for shipment to arrive before contacting support.

To get help with a tracking code for your package, you should contact the courier who provided it. Most codes don't work beyond customs. To expedite your order, please contact us for Overnight or Air-mail services.

Domestic US & Canada

Includes all 50 US states, APO orders, and territories; North American domestic shipping rates include Canadian provinces. And some locations in Mexico.


All orders placed outside of North America are International orders.


FKACO platforms display merchandise with shipping fees. The shipping fees for each product are standard. We calculate them based on past and current shipping rates for that product.

Ordering multiple units of the same product may slightly increase shipping costs. Adding a single item or two makes little difference to overall shipping costs. But, shipping costs will increase for items over three units. The weight and size of a package reflect this. They cause higher shipping fees for large or heavy orders. 

Please contact us for bulk orders.


Contact your local post office to have your mail forwarded to your changed address. Once the items have left FKACO. Your local postal courier will deliver them.

If your package is not delivered within 1-2 weeks after the delivery window, it may be returned to us. FKACO fulfillment will receive a notice of this return-to-sender. We will contact you for further details. Often this order will ship without any added fees. We will notify you before reshipping if additional shipping fees are needed.

You may also submit a support ticket to FKACO for help. Include your notice that your order has been returned. We will arrange a replacement or provide a refund. 

Shipping times

Unit stock determines processing times. Orders for back catalog items and on-demand printed units must wait 2-4 weeks for manufacturing. All CD & Vinyl units ship from our fulfillment service. We may fulfill some bundled units in stages as each item becomes available. FKACO reserves the right to hold certain shipments until all units are ready to ship. If an order has on-demand and back-catalog items, they may ship separately. 

Lost or Damaged goods

Please provide FKACO Support with the order ID and tracking number. We'll investigate the order. We'll check its location and status. We'll check shipping information with you. If FKACO support determines that the order is lost in transit, we will provide a new order or a refund. 

You should determine damaged goods within 24 hours of receiving them. By Sending FKACO Support pictures or videos of the damage. This may increase your chances of getting a replacement or refund.

Order status

Please check your order confirmation email. It has additional information on your order status. Once we process items for US shipments, you should get UPS or USPS tracking numbers. We give them for US orders that weigh over 1 lb.

Local shipping couriers or postal services may decide to add tracking to international orders. Usually to the point of customs. FKACO may or may not be given tracking options for international orders. Please expedite your order for air-mail options for increased tracking and certified delivery.

Cancelling or changing orders

FKACO Support can change pending orders. You may have the option to log in to the customer/affiliate portal and review your order. Depending on the FKACO platform you ordered from. The turnaround time from pending orders to submitted orders is 24-48 hours. Orders in the process stage include manufacturing and shipping data submitted. Shipped and Fulfilled orders state 'in transit' orders and arrived orders.

FKACO Support will update or cancel pending and submitted orders upon request. However, due to the on-demand manufacturing process, it is not always possible to cancel these orders. Once on-demand orders enter the processing stage it is not possible to stop the order & shipment.

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